HORUS PREMIUM HYBRID COATING is an advanced technology formula that is the amalgamation of ceramic & quartz glass coating, developed as a non-organic solution to address the various deficiencies of the other coatings in the industry. The synthetic composition of HORUS PREMIUM HYBRID COATING incorporates microscopic bonding characteristics, adhering securely to the paint. Curing into one, the hard resin in HORUS PREMIUM HYBRID COATING acts as an additional barrier to repel contamination from the harsh environment and in to increases shine, whilst preserving the natural paint lustre for an extended length of time.

Aside from benefiting from a 9H resistant to protect your car paint’s clear coat, all grime such as dirt, dust, dead bugs and other contaminants fouling the surface will easily be removed with regular washing, not to mention the water beading effect from the hydrophobic properties that keeps your car cleaner for longer. HORUS PREMIUM HYBRID COATING is backed by a 5-year warranty with a maintenance free package. Speak to our HORUS PREMIUM HYBRID COATING ambassadors today!

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