ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY : providing unmatched
Excellent heat rejection on TSER & IR
from shorter to longer wavelengths
and reduces glare by changing its
charateristics thru sunlight reaction.
Protects against harmful glare to the
eye and skin, interior and upholstery
preservation of your vehicle against
harmful ultra-violet rays
Enhances visual and unobsrtucted
view due to the high luminous efficacy
during the day and night
Enhances safety by preventing
glass breakage and shatter.
Reduce energy consumption from
air-conditioning load and thus transfer
savings to vehicle's fuel consumption
which helps extend the life span of
your vehicle's air conditioner.
Strong warranty coverage backed
by manufacturer and supplier
Horus Premium tints, an innovative advancement, engineered by using the
revolutionary breakthrough technology. Bio Nano-Ceramic combined with
photochromic technology has enabled us to provide the ultimate and
uncompromising results and the ability according to the varying sunlight.
Inspired by transition technology, the development of Horus Premium Tint with photochromic
effect was the result, which enable increased reactive performance when facing the strongest
sunlight. This invisible heat shield darkens under the hot sun whilst reducing glare and inceases the
infra-red rejection up to 98%. However, it lightens back to normal with the disappearance of
sunlight. All these while, the films remain aesthetically clear and provide comfort all day and night.
Horus Premium Tint is designed without any metal elements, produced by using superior optical clear polyester (P.E.T) to
allow maximum natural sunlight with low reflectivity appearance. It also does not interfere with electronic instruments
from automotive devices. Unlike traditional window films which provide only color and insignificant heat rejection, or
use metal elements which will cause high reflectivity like a mirror and highly susceptible to corrosion and discoloration.
Horus Premium Tint is engineered to reject maximum heat that includes near
infra-red (780nm to 2500nm) to far infra-red (longer than 2500nm) wavelength or
simply translated to reject up to 98% infra-red rays during the hottest of times.
These tints not only enhances comfort but also provides energy saving. In
addition, you loved ones will be protected from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays
up to 99%, which is also the largest component that causes skin cancer and
fading of interior furnishings.
Horus Premium Tint is designed to create a new era in window tint standards. With all these features and obvious
differences. It is able to meet all your automotive needs and requirements.
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